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When you have carried out the activity for which you were provisionally awarded a grant,
please complete all sections of this form and submit it using the button at the bottom.
(You may, as an alternative, print it and post it to the address given below.)
If the Funding Subcommittee is satisfied, the money will be released as soon as possible.


Total cost specified in your original application

Amount actually spent

In your provisional grant letter, were you  asked to provide receipts?  Yes - No

If the answer is "Yes", the receipts (or copies of them) are to be sent by post to the Honorary General Secretary at the address given below or by e-mail.

Please give here a report on the activity, including your assessment of how succesful it was and an indication of any reason why it was less successful than you anticipated.
It will help the Sub-committee if you describe the activity in some detail, including training and coaching undertaken and received, medical treatment covered by the agreed
grant, etc.
The more information you can provide, the sooner your grant can be released.

Your coach (or any other person)  may send a supplementary report to the R.W.A. at rwa.secretary@btinternet.com .
Please indicate whether we are to expect such a supplementary report  Yes - No
Please use the space below to provide any additional information that you think may be helpful to us.

If the grant money is released, it will be paid by cheque to the address you gave in your application.
Please indicate here how you wish the cheque to be made out.

Please remember to take a copy of this form before you click on the SEND button

To clear the form and start again: To send the form:

Receipts, etc., are to be sent to:
Honorary General Secretary,
Race Walking Association,
Heard's Lane,
CM15  0SF

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