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April 2010

 Battersea Park, London 
  28th     10km   VAC / Surrey / Middx / Herts Track Championships  

  27th     2km   Hewitt Cup 2010 - Round 1  

 Delancey Park, Guernsey 
  25th     10km   Yorkshire Guernsey Championship 3  

 Isle of Man 
      50km   IOM Fire and Rescue - Sara Killey Memorial Walk  

  24th     1km   Louise Arthur League, Match 1  

 Chorley, Lancashire 
      10 mile   Goodwin Cup  

 Copthall Stadium, London 
      3km   London Inter-Club Challenge/Enfield League Race 4  

 RAF Cosford, Wolverhampton 
      80km   RAFWARMA 2 day Marches  

  23rd     2km   2nd South Yorkshire League  
      3km   2nd South Yorkshire League  

 Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield 
  18th     10km   Jeff Ford Open Walks  
      5km   Jeff Ford Open Walks  
      2km   Jeff Ford Open Walks - YAG GP (U13)  
      3km   Jeff Ford Open Walks - YAG GP (U15)  
      5km   Jeff Ford Open Walks - YAG GP (U17)  

 Edbaston Reservoir, Birmingham 
      5km   Midland Masters Handicap  

 Les Amarreurs, Guernsey 
      1 mile   Philadelphia Cup Team Handicap  

 NSC, Douglas, Isle of Man 
      5km   Isle of Man 5k Championships  
      1km   Isle of Man YAG Championships  
      3km   Isle of Man YAG Championships  

 Alexander Stadium, Birmingham 
  17th     2km   Birchfield Games  
      3km   Birchfield Games  

 Dusseldorf, GERMANY 
  16th     3km   Ernst-Poensgen-Spiele  
      5km   Ernst-Poensgen-Spiele  

 Battersea Park, London 
  13th     5 mile   VAC Summer Walks  

  11th     14.3km   Yorkshire RWC Club Race  

 Canterbury, Kent 
      1.2km   Kent Young Athletes League  

 Victoria Park, London 
      20km   UK/RWA National 20k Championships  
      10km   UK/RWA National YAG Championships - Juniors  
      2km   UK/RWA National YAG Championships - U13  
      3km   UK/RWA National YAG Championships - U15  
      5km   UK/RWA National YAG Championships - U17  

 Crawley, Sussex 
  10th     12 hour   Crawley AIM 12 Hour Track Race  

      5km   Heaton  

 Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey 
  9th     2 mile   Bedell Cristin Eric Waldron Trophy  

 NSC, Douglas, Isle of Man 
  8th     5km   IOMVAC Spring Handicap Walk/Ann Brough Trophy  

 St Peter Port, Guernsey 
  5th     Half marathon   KPMG Guernsey Easter Half Marathon  

      3km   Norman Fowler Memorial Open Meeting  
      2km   Norman Fowler Memorial Open Meeting - U13  

 Folkestone, Kent 
  2nd     10 mile   Folkestone 10 Miles  

 Port Soif, Guernsey 
      10km   KPMG Guernsey Easter 10k  

 Sudbury, Suffolk 
      5 mile   Sudbury 5 Miles  

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