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  Date:    21 August 2008      View all races for this date    Re-order by age grade
  Race:    XXIX Olympic Games Womens 20km Walk  
  Distance:    20km
  Location:    Beijing, CHINA

Johanna sets a new National Record with an incredible performance. Her 10k split was 45:04. This was an extremely fast race for everyone, as the Gold medal winner from the Athens Olympics also set a new National Record but only came 9th. Fourteen PBs including six National Records, and the Olympic Record broken, and it was raining!

 Gender   Position   Athlete   Age Group   Grade   Club   Time   Speed   Points 

  F   21     Johanna Jackson Atkinson   SW   92.64%     WORLD GBR     01:31:33     13.108 km/h   1162 

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