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Fixtures and Events

Overseas races are marked in this colour Races marked "B" are suitable for beginners and are not judged on straight knees.
Date Time A/B Distance Event Location Area
September 2019
21st A var English Schools Championships Exeter South
22nd A var EMAC League Final Milton Keynes South
25th 13:30 B 5k/10k Ryan Cup, inc.Police & Civil Service Championships Birmingham Midlands
28th 12:00 B 1 hour Enfield Badge Races Lee Valley, London South
28th - 6th Oct A 20k/50k 17th IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha, QATAR
29th A 10 mile Julie Brew Memorial Walk Peel Isle of Man
October 2019
1st A var South Yorkshire League - Race 9 Millhouses Park, Sheffield North
5th 13:30 B 10k Albert Rigby Shield Sutton Macclesfield, Cheshire North
6th B 1 hour Manx 1 hour Challenge NSC, Douglas, Isle of Man Isle of Man
6th A 20k/50k Dutch National 50k Championships Tilburg, NETHERLANDS
12th 13:00 B 5 mile Enfield League Road Walk Lee Valley, London South
12th - 13th B 24 hour St Thibault 24 hours St Thibault, FRANCE
13th 13:00 B 2k/3k/5k/10k Midland Winter League 1 / RWA Presidents Challenge Stourport, Worcestershire Midlands
27th 12:30 B 2k/3k/5k/10k Midland Winter League 2 Coventry Midlands
27th A 2k/3k/5k/10k Isle of Man Winter League - Race 1 NSC, Douglas, Isle of Man North
November 2019
2nd 13:30 B 5k/AGM Lancs WC Open Walk/AGM Simister, Greater Manchester North
9th 13:00 B 7 mile 93rd Enfield Open Seven + Enfield League Lee Valley, London South
17th 12:30 B 2k/3k/5k/10k Midland Winter League 3 Coventry Midlands
23rd 19:30 A var Surrey WC Christmas Cup Tonbridge, Kent South
24th A 2k/3k/5k/10k Isle of Man Winter League - Race 2 Andreas Village, Isle of Man North
30th 13:30 B 10k Dick Maxwell Memorial Race/Christmas Handicap Simister, Greater Manchester North
December 2019
15th A 2k/3k/5k/10k Isle of Man Winter League - Race 3 Ramsey, Isle of Man North
21st 12:00 B var/3k Winter 3k & Development Walk Lewes, Sussex South
January 2020
18th - 19th A 2k/3k/5k/10k Southern 10k + YAG Championships/London Open (Date TBC) TBA South
March 2020
21st - 22nd A var Inter-Area Match (Date TBC) Sheffield North
April 2020
18th - 19th A 2k/3k/5k/10k RWA National 10k + YAG Championships (Date TBC) TBA
May 2020
2nd - 3rd A 20k/50k XXIX IAAF World Race Walking Team Championships Minsk, BELARUS
30th - 31st B 50k/100k/50 mile/24 hour/100 mile Continental Centurions/Kennedy March Weekend/RWV Wandel Weekend Scheidam, NETHERLANDS
July 2020
24th - 9th Aug A 20k/50km XXXII Olympic Games Tokyo, JAPAN
August 2020
29th - 30th B 24 hour Wadelincourt 24 hours/Belgian Long Distance Championships Wadelincourt, BELGIUM
September 2020
26th - 27th B 100k/24 hour USA Centurions Weekend Owego, New York, USA
  Contact: dwtalcott@gmail.com
April 2021
10th A 20k/50k 18th IAAF World Athletics Championships Eugene, Oregon, USA
July 2022
22nd - 7th Aug A 20k XXII Commonwealth Games Birmingham Midlands
31st B TBC Commonwealth Games Friendship Walks (Date TBC) Birmingham Midlands
August 2024
1st - 31st A var XXXIII Olympic Games Paris, FRANCE
July 2026
1st - 31st A var XXIII Commonwealth Games TBA
August 2028
1st - 31st A var XXXIV Olympic Games Los Angeles, USA

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