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Interested in Walking?

We will be happy to send you in Introduction Pack on Race Walking if you send an email to racewalkingassociation@btinternet.com

You may have the Introductory Pack sent to you by either email or by post. Please specify the method in your email and include the following details:
  • Your Name and Title
  • Your Postal Address including your Post Code
  • Your Email address

  • (Optional) Your Telephone Number
  • (Optional) Your Year of birth
  • (Optional) Are you Female or Male?
  • (Optional) Have you done any of the following: Running/Race Walking/Speed Walking/Power Walking?
  • (Optional) How did you learn about the RWA website?
Confidentiality and Child Protection

N.B.: Apart from the optional items above and your post code, which may be employed for statistical purposes, no use will be made of the information given except for direct communication from the Honorary General Secretary of the R.W.A. No information will be released without your permission to any third party in a form by which you can be individually identified.

If you are under sixteen yeras of age, please tell a parent or guardian that you are sending this information request form.

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