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Days Results

Results          All recorded races for this date

17th April 2011

Number of athletes racing today:     195

Total distance raced today:     7,199,212 metres

  RAF Cosford, Shropshire 
             1 day   RAF Marches - Day 2  
 Albecq to North Side, Guernsey 
             7 mile   Bedell Cristin sponsored Chilcott Cup  
             24 hour   Coburg 24 Hour Carnival/Australian Centurion Race  
 Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield 
             1km   Jeff Ford Memorial Walks/U11 YAG GP  
             3km   Jeff Ford Memorial Walks/U15 YAG GP  
             5km   Jeff Ford Memorial Walks/U17 YAG GP  
             10km   Jeff Ford Memorial Walks/U20 YAG GP/Northern 10k Championships  
 Downham Market, Norfolk 
             10km   Downham Estate Walks  
             20km   Downham Estate Walks  
             30km   Downham Estate Walks  
 Peel-Ramsey, Isle of Man 
             50km   Isle of Man Fire & Rescue - Sara Killey Memorial Walk  

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