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 Name  Club

    Cabanes, Amandine     Overseas
    Cabecinha, Ana     Overseas
    Cahill, S.     Huntingdonshire AC
    Caiels, Siana     Bexley AC
    Cain, Alicia     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Amanda     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Bernadette     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Caroline     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Christa     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Debbie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Emily     City of Sheffield AC
    Cain, Emma     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Fiona     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Glenda     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Helen     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Joanna     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Karen     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Kate     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Lauren     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Louise     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Lynne     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Mandy     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Michelle     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Olivia     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Rhona     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Sarah     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Sharon     Manx Harriers
    Cain, Trish     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Vicky     Unattached (IOM)
    Cain, Voirrey     Unattached (IOM)
    Caine, Daphne     Unattached (IOM)
    Caine, Kate     Unattached (IOM)
    Caine, Mandy     Unattached (IOM)
    Caine, Suzanne     Unattached (IOM)
    Caine-Hart, Moira     Unattached (IOM)
    Cairney, Gemma     Unattached (IOM)
    Cairney, Lynda     Unattached (IOM)
    Cairns, Alice     Tonbridge AC
    Cairns, Ella     Newmarket Joggers
    Calania, Ellinor     Unattached
    Calder, Cathy     Essex Police AC
    Caldwell, Jenny     Unattached (IOM)
    Caldwell, Laura     Unattached (IOM)
    Caley, Samantha     Unattached (IOM)
    Calladine, Karen     Unattached (IOM)
    Callaghan, Chrissy     Northern AC
    Callaghan, Samantha     Unattached (IOM)
    Callin, Ruth     Unattached (IOM)
    Callin, Sarah     Unattached (IOM)
    Callin, Sophie     Unattached (IOM)
    Callister, Angela     Unattached (IOM)
    Callister, Anne     Unattached (IOM)
    Callister, Cheryl     Unattached (IOM)
    Callister, Emma     Unattached (IOM)
    Callister, Erin     Unattached (IOM)
    Callister, Jo     Unattached (IOM)
    Callister, Katie     Unattached (IOM)
    Callister, Lara     Unattached (IOM)
    Callister, Louise     Unattached (IOM)
    Callister, Ruby     Unattached (IOM)
    Callister, Tracy     Unattached (IOM)
    Callow, Andrea     Unattached (IOM)
    Callow, Anna     Unattached (IOM)
    Callow, Carol     Unattached (IOM)
    Callow, Danaa     Western AC
    Callow, Fiona     Unattached (IOM)
    Callow, Helen     Unattached (IOM)
    Callow, Jo     Unattached (IOM)
    Callow, Justine     Unattached (IOM)
    Callow, Sarah Jo     Unattached (IOM)
    Callow, Tina     Unattached (IOM)
    Calloway, Jane     Unattached (IOM)
    Calnan, Angela     Sarnia WC
    Calvert, Sarah     Unattached (IOM)
    Camburn, Emily     Tonbridge AC
    Cameron, Andrea     Other Clubs
    Cameron, Karen     Huntingdonshire AC
    Campbell, Anne     Unattached (IOM)
    Campbell, Claire     Unattached (IOM)
    Campbell, Emma     Unattached (IOM)
    Campbell, Fiona     Unattached (IOM)
    Campbell, Grace     Schools
    Campbell, Jackie     Manx Harriers
    Campbell, Molly     Unattached
    Campbell, Natalie     Unattached (IOM)
    Campbell, Robyn     Unattached (IOM)
    Campbell, Sandra     Dartford Harriers AC
    Canavan, Molly     Unattached (IOM)
    Canipa, Alison     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannan, Donna     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannan, Jenny     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannan, Vicki     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannell, Christiana     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannell, Denise     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannell, Eleanor     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannell, Emily     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannell, Jennifer Anona     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannell, Joan     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannell, Joanne     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannell, Susan     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannell, Vivien     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannell, Zoe     Unattached (IOM)
    Canning, Mia     Schools
    Cannon, Geraldine     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannon, Julie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cannon, Rosalind     Unattached (IOM)
    Cano, Juan Manuel     Overseas
    Caple, Stacey     Unattached (IOM)
    Capper, Kimberley     Unattached (IOM)
    Cara, Issy     Schools
    Carameri, Iona     Tamworth AC
    Carcas, Debora     Unattached (IOM)
    Cardenas, Lucero     Other Clubs
    Carder, Judith     Brighton & Hove AC
    Carder, Louise     Unattached (IOM)
    Cardoso, Tania     Unattached (IOM)
    Carling, Ola     Schools
    Carmichael, Kathryn     Unattached (IOM)
    Carney, Zoe     Unattached (IOM)
    Carol, Ella     Schools
    Carolan, Donna     Overseas
    Caroon, Ruth     Unattached (IOM)
    Carr, Hannah     Leicester WC
    Carrabin, Siobhan     Overseas
    Carrick, Marie     Abingdon AC
    Carrier, Margaret     Herts Pheonix AC
    Carrins, Dyana     Unattached (IOM)
    Carris, Sue     Civil Service
    Carroll, Claire     Hillingdon AC
    Carroll, Janet     Unattached (IOM)
    Carroon, Alison     Unattached (IOM)
    Carroon, Jenny     Unattached (IOM)
    Carruthers, Chirsty     Loughton AC
    Carswell, Donna     Unattached (IOM)
    Carswell, Peg     Unattached (IOM)
    Carter, Brooke     Unattached (IOM)
    Carter, Christine     Unattached (IOM)
    Carter, Emma     Newbury AC
    Carter, Jill     Unattached (IOM)
    Carter, Lynn     Unattached
    Carter, Tillie     Barry & Vale Harriers
    Carter, Val     Birchfield Harriers
    Cartwright, Chris     Unattached
    Carty, Lois     Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
    Caruana, Delia     Leamington C&AC
    Carver, Jackie     Unattached
    Casbolt, Trudi     Sarnia WC
    Case, Val     Dartford Harriers AC
    Cashin, Claire     Unattached (IOM)
    Cashin, Rachael     Unattached (IOM)
    Cashin, Voirrey     Unattached (IOM)
    Cassidy, Andrea     Unattached (IOM)
    Cassidy, B.     Schools
    Cassidy, Isabelle     Unattached
    Cassidy, Jeanetta     Unattached (IOM)
    Cassidy, Katie     Unattached
    Cassidy, Lindsey     Unattached (IOM)
    Castagnano, D.     Schools
    Castellano, Sandra     Unattached (IOM)
    Castle, Andrea     Unattached (IOM)
    Castrillo, Lorena     Overseas
    Caswell, Janet     Unattached
    Caswell, Yvonne     Stratford-upon-Avon AC
    Catterall, Jessica     Steyning AC
    Cattermole, Sara-Jane     Dartford Harriers AC
    Cattle, Louise     Unattached
    Caulfield, Angela     Unattached (IOM)
    Cavanagh, Claire     Unattached (IOM)
    Cavanagh, Katie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cave, Helen     Unattached (IOM)
    Cawkwell, Tina     Unattached
    Chadwick, Sophie     Unattached (IOM)
    Chalk, Margaret     Unattached (IOM)
    Chalmers, Anna     Schools
    Chambers, Ella     Loughton AC
    Chambers, Rebecca     City of Sheffield AC
    Champion, Sheila     Overseas
    Chan, Susan     Unattached (IOM)
    Chana, R.     Schools
    Chana, S.     Schools
    Chandler, Liz     Unattached (IOM)
    Chandrana, Leah     Unattached
    Chanfreau, Fabienne     Overseas
    Channing, Mia     Schools
    Chapman, Bee     Other Clubs
    Chapman, Beryl     Tamworth AC
    Chapman, Courtenay     Unattached
    Chapman, Eleanor     Unattached (IOM)
    Chapman, F.     Unattached
    Chapman, Joanne     Unattached (IOM)
    Chapman, Kerry     Unattached (IOM)
    Chapman, Lily     Unattached (IOM)
    Chapman, Pat     Unattached (IOM)
    Chapman, Rachael     Unattached (IOM)
    Chapman, Sue     Unattached (IOM)
    Chapple, Megan     Schools
    Charker, Rachel     Unattached (IOM)
    Charlesworth, L.     Schools
    Charlton, Brenda     Isle of Man VAC
    Charman, Kelly     Unattached (IOM)
    Charmer, Gemma     Unattached (IOM)
    Charmer, Jessica     Unattached (IOM)
    Charnick, Siobhan     Unattached (IOM)
    Charnock, Catherine     Unattached
    Chartier, Sylvie     Overseas
    Chase, Carolyn     Unattached (IOM)
    Chase, Lucy     Unattached
    Chatel, Fiona     Unattached (IOM)
    Chatterjee MBE, Debjani     Unattached
    Chatterley, Catherine     Unattached (IOM)
    Chatterton, Levi     Unattached
    Chatwin, Leanne     Unattached (IOM)
    Cheeseman, Sharon     Unattached (IOM)
    Cheetham, Beth     Unattached (IOM)
    Chen, Tsu Wei     Unattached (IOM)
    Cheshire, Jacqueline     Bedford & County AC
    Chester, Nikki     Unattached (IOM)
    Chesterton, Olivia     Schools
    Chetwynd, Mandy     Unattached (IOM)
    Chetwynd-Morsley, Hannah     Birchfield Harriers
    Cheung, LiLi     Unattached (IOM)
    Cheung, Sharon     Schools
    Chew, Georgina     Blackheath & Bromley Harriers
    Chiadzwa, T.     Schools
    Chiarello, Karen     Manx Harriers
    Chicken, Julie     Eastbourne Rovers AC
    Childs, Chris     Dartford Harriers AC
    Childs, Hannah     Unattached
    Chin, Keshisha     Tonbridge AC
    Chong, Cassandra     Schools
    Christian, Alison     Unattached (IOM)
    Christian, Amy     Unattached (IOM)
    Christian, Audrey     Unattached (IOM)
    Christian, Jane     Unattached (IOM)
    Christian, Karen     Unattached (IOM)
    Christian, Katie     Unattached (IOM)
    Christian, Lesley     Isle of Man VAC
    Christian, Linda     Unattached (IOM)
    Christian, Lisa     Unattached (IOM)
    Christian, Melanie     Unattached (IOM)
    Christian, Sharon     Unattached (IOM)
    Christian, Stephanie     Unattached (IOM)
    Christian, Sue     Unattached (IOM)
    Christie, A.     Schools
    Christie, S.     Witney Road Runners
    Christison, Nichola     Unattached (IOM)
    Christopher, S.     Unattached
    Chrusciel, Lucyna     Overseas
    Chung, Claire     Unattached (IOM)
    Chung, Izzy     Unattached
    Church, Felicity     Swansea Harriers
    Church, L.     Schools
    Churcher, Gill     Unattached (IOM)
    Cihlarova-Elson, Ida     Unattached (IOM)
    Cilia, Anne     Blackheath & Bromley Harriers
    Circo, Sarah     Unattached
    Cirillo, Gabriella     Swansea Harriers
    Civil, Amy     Schools
    Clabburn, A.     Trent Park RC
    Clague, Bethany     Manx Harriers
    Clague, Caroline     Unattached (IOM)
    Clague, Claire     Unattached (IOM)
    Clague, Elaine     Unattached (IOM)
    Clague, Emma     Unattached (IOM)
    Clague, Helen     Manx Harriers
    Clague, Joanna     Manx Harriers
    Clague, Kira     Unattached (IOM)
    Clague, Lois     Unattached (IOM)
    Clague, Lynsey     Unattached (IOM)
    Clague, Margaret     Unattached (IOM)
    Clague, Michelle     Unattached (IOM)
    Clague, Pauline     Unattached (IOM)
    Claire Elizabeth, Evans     Unattached (IOM)
    Clancey, Sally     Unattached (IOM)
    Claridge, Lois     Steyning AC
    Clark, A.     Unattached
    Clark, Alison     Unattached (IOM)
    Clark, Anne     Loughton AC
    Clark, Danita     Unattached (IOM)
    Clark, Elizabeth     Unattached (IOM)
    Clark, Jane     Loughton AC
    Clark, Julie     Unattached (IOM)
    Clark, Karen     Unattached (IOM)
    Clark, Leanda     Unattached (IOM)
    Clark, Lindsay     Unattached (IOM)
    Clark, Mary     Unattached (IOM)
    Clark, Michelle     Unattached (IOM)
    Clark, Naomi     Trent Park RC
    Clark, Susan     Unattached (IOM)
    Clarke, Amy     Unattached (IOM)
    Clarke, Anne     Unattached (IOM)
    Clarke, Annette     Unattached (IOM)
    Clarke, Bethan     Swansea Harriers
    Clarke, Eileen     Unattached (IOM)
    Clarke, Elise     Unattached (IOM)
    Clarke, Gaye     Civil Service
    Clarke, Glyn     Unattached (IOM)
    Clarke, Irene     Thurrock Harriers
    Clarke, Jane     Loughton AC
    Clarke, Jasmine     Schools
    Clarke, Julia     Unattached (IOM)
    Clarke, Kathy     Unattached (IOM)
    Clarke, Laura     Halesowen AC
    Clarke, Laura     Schools - Upper Beeding
    Clarke, Lauren     Schools
    Clarke, Lloyd     Cardiff AC
    Clarke, Mandy     Worcester AC
    Clarke, Marion     Thurrock Harriers
    Clarke, N.     Schools
    Clarke, Patsy     Unattached
    Clarke, Rachel     Unattached (IOM)
    Clarke, Shannon     Blackheath & Bromley Harriers
    Clarke, Teresa     Thurrock Harriers
    Clarke, Y.     Royal Mail
    Clarkson, Laura     Unattached (IOM)
    Clarkson, Pauline     Unattached (IOM)
    Clark-Wilson, Fiona     Unattached (IOM)
    Clatworthy, Gina     Unattached (IOM)
    Clay, Rowan     Schools
    Clayton, Carol     Unattached (IOM)
    Clayton, Diane     Unattached (IOM)
    Clayton, Sarah     Unattached (IOM)
    Clayton, Serena     Unattached (IOM)
    Clayton, Violet     Schools
    Cleator, Emma     Unattached (IOM)
    Clee, Megan     Schools
    Clegg, Angela     Unattached (IOM)
    Clements, Alison     Abingdon AC
    Clements, Christine     Dartford Harriers AC
    Clements, Faith     Unattached (IOM)
    Clements, Sue     London Vidarians
    Clements, Wendy     Unattached (IOM)
    Clementson, Sarah     Unattached
    Clemmet, Lauren     Unattached
    Clifford, Gemma     Unattached (IOM)
    Cline, Sylvia     Unattached (IOM)
    Clinton, Gemma     Unattached (IOM)
    Clinton, Georgina     Sevenoaks AC
    Close, Catherine     Unattached (IOM)
    Clough, Kathryn     Isle of Man VAC
    Clucas, Anne-Marie     Unattached (IOM)
    Clucas, Kath     Unattached (IOM)
    Clucas, Rebecca     Unattached (IOM)
    Clucas, Sharon     Unattached (IOM)
    Clucas, Susan     Unattached (IOM)
    Clulow, Carol     Unattached (IOM)
    Clynes, Breege     Unattached (IOM)
    Coates, Amelia     Leamington C&AC
    Coates, Ellie     Swansea Harriers
    Coates, Jenny     Unattached (IOM)
    Coates, Mike     Unattached (IOM)
    Coates, Sherry     Unattached (IOM)
    Cobby, J.     Veterans AC
    Cochrane, Valerie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cocker, Laura     Chiltern Harriers AC
    Cockrayne, F.     Schools
    Codona, Elaine     Unattached (IOM)
    Cody, Kelly Ann     Overseas
    Cohen, Barbara     Unattached (IOM)
    Cohen, Caroline     Unattached (IOM)
    Cohen, Charlotte     Tonbridge AC
    Coldwell, Maria     Unattached (IOM)
    Cole, Alison     Unattached (IOM)
    Cole, Janice     Unattached (IOM)
    Cole, Lydia     Schools
    Cole, R.     Schools
    Cole, Rhiannon     Schools
    Coleman, Charley     Schools - Blaby Stokes
    Coleman, Claire     Unattached (IOM)
    Coleman, Hayley     Unattached
    Coleman, Kathy     Kettering Town Harriers
    Coleman, Kirsty     Unattached
    Coleman, Louise     Unattached (IOM)
    Coleman, Sian     Unattached (IOM)
    Coles, Valerie     Enfield & Haringey AC
    Collard, Caron     Unattached (IOM)
    Colley, A.     Schools
    Colley, Catherine     Unattached (IOM)
    Colley, Liz     Unattached (IOM)
    Collier, A.     Schools
    Colligon, Donna     Unattached (IOM)
    Collings, Creena     Unattached (IOM)
    Collings, Jill     Unattached (IOM)
    Collings, Rebekah     Unattached (IOM)
    Collins, Catherine     Swansea Harriers
    Collins, Liz     Unattached (IOM)
    Collins, Mary     Unattached
    Collins, Rae Ellen     Unattached
    Collins, Rebecca     Medway & Maidstone AC
    Collins, Susan     Unattached (IOM)
    Collinson, Maria     Unattached (IOM)
    Collister, Amanda     Unattached (IOM)
    Collister, Heather     Unattached (IOM)
    Collister, Kesha     Unattached (IOM)
    Collister, Lisa     Unattached (IOM)
    Collister, Miriam     Unattached (IOM)
    Collister, Sue     Unattached (IOM)
    Colquitt, Kath     Manx Harriers
    Colson, Cath     Unattached
    Colthart, Katrina     Unattached (IOM)
    Comerford, Vicky     Unattached (IOM)
    Compton, C.     Schools
    Conceição, Ana Claudia     Overseas
    Condon, Kate     Unattached (IOM)
    Coney, Barbara     Unattached (IOM)
    Conley, Fiona     Unattached (IOM)
    Conner, G.     Schools
    Connick, Lucy     Unattached (IOM)
    Connolly, Louise     Overseas
    Connor, Ashley     Unattached
    Connor, Sandra     Unattached (IOM)
    Connor, Skye     Unattached
    Constant, James     Schools
    Convery, Berti     Unattached (IOM)
    Convery, Rachel     Unattached (IOM)
    Convery, Roberta     Unattached (IOM)
    Conway, Chelsea     Overseas
    Cooil, Melissa     Unattached (IOM)
    Cooil, Nicola     Unattached (IOM)
    Cooil, Sharon     Unattached (IOM)
    Cook, Francesca     Schools
    Cook, Hannah     Blackheath & Bromley Harriers
    Cook, Prudence     Unattached (IOM)
    Cook, R.     Schools
    Cook, Rachel     Unattached (IOM)
    Cook, Tracey     Unattached (IOM)
    Cooke, Emma     Unattached (IOM)
    Cooke, Lauren     Unattached (IOM)
    Cooke, M.     Schools
    Cooke, Ruth     Unattached (IOM)
    Coole, Aimie     Unattached (IOM)
    Coole, Jo     Unattached (IOM)
    Coombs, Karen     Unattached (IOM)
    Coonan, Kayla     Redcar RWC
    Cooper, Anne     Unattached (IOM)
    Cooper, Donna     Unattached (IOM)
    Cooper, Donna     Unattached (IOM)
    Cooper, E.     Schools
    Cooper, Eleanor     Unattached (IOM)
    Cooper, Eve     Ashford AC
    Cooper, Georgia     Nuneaton Harriers
    Cooper, Harriet     Schools
    Cooper, J.     Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
    Cooper, Jacqueline     Unattached (IOM)
    Cooper, Josephine     Peterborough AC
    Cooper, Katie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cooper, L.     Schools
    Cooper, Lucy     Unattached
    Cooper, O.     Schools
    Cooper, P.     Hastings AC
    Cooper, Rebecca     Nuneaton Harriers
    Cooper, Sue     Invicta East Kent
    Cooper, Susie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cope, Clair     Unattached (IOM)
    Cope, Lucy     Unattached
    Cope, Marta     Unattached (IOM)
    Corbishley, Samantha     Medway & Maidstone AC
    Corcoran, Bernice     Unattached (IOM)
    Cordall, Shannon     Blackheath & Bromley Harriers
    Corfield, Elizabeth     Unattached (IOM)
    Cork, June     Southend-on-Sea AC
    Corke, Jane     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkill, Alison     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkill, Jane     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkill, Louise     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkill, Margaret     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkill, Pat     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkill, Sarah     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkill, Suzannah     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkill, Toni     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkish, Abbie     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkish, Angela     Isle of Man VAC
    Corkish, Gemma     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkish, Kathleen     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkish, Lisa     Unattached (IOM)
    Corkish, Lucy     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Adie     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Anna     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Bill     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Catherine     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Kerri-Louise     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Laura     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Linda     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Liz     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Louise     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Michele     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Olivia     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Sarah     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Stella     Unattached (IOM)
    Corlett, Sue     Unattached (IOM)
    Cormode, Ann     Unattached (IOM)
    Cormode, Emma     Unattached (IOM)
    Cormode, Nicky     Unattached (IOM)
    Cormode, Ruth     Unattached (IOM)
    Cornelius, R.     Schools
    Cornish, Caroline     Unattached (IOM)
    Cornish, S.     Schools
    Cornwell-Kelly, Malachy     Unattached (IOM)
    Corr, Emmy     Guernsey Island AAC
    Corr, Kristine     Unattached (IOM)
    Corrall, L.     Unattached
    Corran, Cheryl     Unattached (IOM)
    Corran, Kate     Unattached (IOM)
    Corran, Liz     Manx Harriers
    Corran, Nicola     Unattached (IOM)
    Corran, Olivia     Unattached (IOM)
    Corrigan, Anne     Unattached (IOM)
    Corrigan, Charlotte     Unattached (IOM)
    Corrigan, Sandra     Unattached (IOM)
    Corrin, Breeshey     Unattached (IOM)
    Corrin, Claire     Unattached (IOM)
    Corrin, Diane     Unattached (IOM)
    Corrin, Gail     Unattached (IOM)
    Corrin, Jackie     Unattached (IOM)
    Corrin, Josie     Unattached (IOM)
    Corrin, Marina     Unattached (IOM)
    Corrin, Melony     Unattached (IOM)
    Corris, Emma     Unattached (IOM)
    Corteen, Caroline     Unattached (IOM)
    Corteen, Jayne     Unattached (IOM)
    Corteen, Jo     Unattached (IOM)
    Corteen, Keira     Unattached (IOM)
    Cosier, Rachel     Barry & Vale Harriers
    Costain, Anita     Unattached (IOM)
    Costain, Fenella     Unattached (IOM)
    Costain, Jennie     Unattached (IOM)
    Costain, Ruth     Unattached (IOM)
    Costelow, Lisa     Schools - Blaby Stokes
    Cotterell, Jackie     Unattached
    Cotterill, Catherine     Tonbridge AC
    Cotterrill, Megan     Tonbridge AC
    Cottier, Marion     Unattached (IOM)
    Cottier-Smith, Freya     Unattached (IOM)
    Cotton, R.     Unattached
    Couch, Lisa     Unattached (IOM)
    Coulson, Kay     Sarnia WC
    Coulthard, Hilary     Unattached (IOM)
    Counsell, Karen     Unattached (IOM)
    Court, Zoe     Schools - Blaby Stokes
    Courtie, Beverley     Unattached (IOM)
    Cousin, Kate     Unattached
    Coutts, Jess     Unattached (IOM)
    Covello, Liza     Unattached
    Cowan, Tanya     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowbourne, Maureen     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowell, Courtney     Essex Police AC
    Cowell, Hannah     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowell, Lesley     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowell, Louise     Manx Harriers
    Cowen, Emily     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowen, Greeba     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowhig, Sue     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowin, Adrienne     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowin, Angela     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowin, Anna     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowin, Edna     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowin, Helen     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowin, Katie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowin, Lesley     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowin, Monica     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowin, Nadine     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowin, Rebbeca     Northern AC
    Cowin, Richard     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowin, Tracie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowley, Christine     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowley, Kate     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowley, Laura     Schools
    Cowley, Linda     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowley, Louise     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowley, Michaela     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowley, Pauline     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowley, Sophie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowley, Voirrey     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowper, Charmaine     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowper, Sian     Unattached (IOM)
    Cowper, Tina     Unattached (IOM)
    Cox, Chris     Rugby & Northampton AC
    Cox, Jackie     Loughton AC
    Cox, Lynne     Unattached (IOM)
    Cox, Maureen     Isle of Man VAC
    Cox, Stella     Unattached
    Cox, Tabby     Schools
    Cox (Callanin), Elaine     unmarked or unknown club
    Coxhead, Julie     Newbury AC
    Coyle, Gael     Unattached
    Cracknell, Leanne     Unattached (IOM)
    Craften, Zoe     Kent AC
    Craig, Carly     Unattached (IOM)
    Craig, Charlotte     Dorking and Mole Valley AC
    Craig, D.     Rugby & Northampton AC
    Craig, Ginette     Civil Service
    Craig, Katy     Unattached (IOM)
    Craig, Rose     Unattached (IOM)
    Craig, Shannan     Unattached (IOM)
    Craig, Stephanie     Unattached (IOM)
    Craig, Tracey     Unattached (IOM)
    Craine, Ann     Unattached (IOM)
    Craine, Breeshey     Unattached (IOM)
    Craine, Heather     Unattached (IOM)
    Craine, Karen     Unattached (IOM)
    Craine, Rosy     Unattached (IOM)
    Craine, Sally     Unattached (IOM)
    Craine, Val     Unattached (IOM)
    Craine, Zoe     Unattached (IOM)
    Cramea, Iona     Tamworth AC
    Cramer, Shirley     Unattached
    Crane, Harmony     Unattached
    Crane, Pauline     Unattached
    Crane, Shahnaj     Surrey WC
    Cranfield, Melissa     Unattached
    Cranston, C.     Schools
    Crawford, Heather     Unattached (IOM)
    Crawford, Joyce     Red Lodge R
    Crawford, Lynsey     Unattached (IOM)
    Crawford, Yvonne     Unattached (IOM)
    Crawley, Gill     Unattached (IOM)
    Crawley, Linda     Bromsgrove & Redditch AC
    Creamer, Amanda     Unattached (IOM)
    Creamer, Kelly     Unattached (IOM)
    Creary, Lewis     Medway & Maidstone AC
    Crease, Rebecca     Unattached (IOM)
    Crebbin, Angela     Unattached (IOM)
    Crebbin, Lynda     Unattached (IOM)
    Creer, Aishlinn     Unattached (IOM)
    Creer, Jacqui     Unattached (IOM)
    Creer, Margy     Unattached (IOM)
    Creer, Nichola     Unattached (IOM)
    Cregeen, Jane     Unattached (IOM)
    Cregeen, Katie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cregeen, Kirsty     Unattached (IOM)
    Cregg, Hannah     Unattached (IOM)
    Creighton, Sarah     Unattached (IOM)
    Crellin, Janet     Unattached (IOM)
    Crellin, Joanne     Unattached (IOM)
    Crellin, Mary     Unattached (IOM)
    Crellin, Nicola     Unattached (IOM)
    Crellin, Nina     Unattached (IOM)
    Crellin, Patricia     Unattached (IOM)
    Crellin, Rachael     Unattached (IOM)
    Crellin, Rosemarie     Unattached (IOM)
    Crellin, Samantha     Unattached (IOM)
    Crellin, Vicky     Unattached (IOM)
    Crellin Dodd, Alison     Unattached (IOM)
    Crellin-Dodd, Alison     Unattached (IOM)
    Crennell, Angela     Unattached (IOM)
    Crennell, Tracey     Unattached (IOM)
    Cresswell, Paula     Unattached (IOM)
    Cretney, Julie     Unattached (IOM)
    Crilley, Kathy     Surrey WC
    Crimmins, Caitlin     Other Clubs
    Cringle, Aimee     Western AC
    Cringle, Gemma     Western AC
    Cringle, Pauline     Unattached (IOM)
    Cringle, Rachael     Unattached (IOM)
    Cringle, Sarah     Unattached (IOM)
    Critchley, Danielle     Blackheath & Bromley Harriers
    Critchley, Jane     Unattached (IOM)
    Critchlow, Katie     Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
    Critchlow, Miriam     Unattached (IOM)
    Crocker, Kelita     Unattached (IOM)
    Crocker, Melanie     Unattached
    Crockett, Jeanette     Unattached (IOM)
    Croft, Ann     Lancashire Police
    Croft, Helen     Ilford AC
    Croft, Katie     Unattached (IOM)
    Croft, Laura     Unattached (IOM)
    Croft, Michelle     Unattached (IOM)
    Crofts, Ann     Lancashire Police
    Crompton, Alison     Unattached (IOM)
    Crompton, Maria     Unattached (IOM)
    Crone, Tracy     Unattached
    Cronin, Alison     Burnham Joggers
    Crook, Sarah     Unattached (IOM)
    Crookall, Carol     Western AC
    Crookall-Nixon, Emily-Claire     Unattached (IOM)
    Crookall-Nixon, Julie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cropley, S.     Schools
    Cross, Emilia     Steyning AC
    Cross, Helen     Unattached (IOM)
    Cross, Jane     Unattached (IOM)
    Cross, Jessica     Unattached (IOM)
    Cross, Kathy     Unattached
    Cross, Kay     Radley AC
    Cross, Milly     Schools
    Cross, Val     Rugby & Northampton AC
    Cross, Veronica     Unattached
    Crossan, Rebecca     Belgrave Harriers
    Crossfield, Sophie     Schools
    Crossland, G.     Unattached
    Crossland, Meredith     Cardiff AC
    Crossley, Julie     Unattached (IOM)
    Crossley, Rachel     Unattached (IOM)
    Crosswell, Maggie     Worcester AC
    Crouch, Debbie     Unattached (IOM)
    Crowdell, Alice     Schools - Blaby Stokes
    Crowdell, Tegan     Schools
    Crowe, Danielle     Unattached (IOM)
    Crowe, Debbie     Unattached (IOM)
    Crowe, Jackie     Unattached (IOM)
    Crowe, Jan     Unattached (IOM)
    Crowe, Jane     Unattached (IOM)
    Crowley, Sharon     Fairlands Valley Spartans
    Crowston, Katy     Unattached
    Crozier, Judith     Unattached
    Crump, Lisa     City of Sheffield AC
    Cryer, Jennifer     Unattached (IOM)
    Cubbon, Ann     Unattached (IOM)
    Cubbon, Colleen     Unattached (IOM)
    Cubbon, Eunice     Isle of Man VAC
    Cubbon, Janine     Unattached (IOM)
    Cubbon, Jayne     Unattached (IOM)
    Cubbon, Joanne     Unattached (IOM)
    Cubbon, Julie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cubbon, Lorna     Unattached (IOM)
    Cubbon, Melissa     Unattached (IOM)
    Cubbon, Nicola Carole     Unattached (IOM)
    Cubbon, Ros     Unattached (IOM)
    Cubbon, Sally Anne     Unattached (IOM)
    Cubbon, Tracey     Unattached (IOM)
    Cucchi, Barbara     Unattached (IOM)
    Cuddy, Emma     Unattached (IOM)
    Cuddy, Rachel     Unattached (IOM)
    Culhane, Maeve     Foyle Valley AC
    Cull, Liz     Unattached (IOM)
    Cullen, Julia     Unattached (IOM)
    Cullen, Katie     Unattached (IOM)
    Cullington, Emma     Unattached (IOM)
    Cullington, Gill     Unattached (IOM)
    Culloden, Abby     Schools
    Culshaw, Gilly     Unattached (IOM)
    Cummings, Penelope     Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
    Cummins, Brigid     Unattached (IOM)
    Cummins, Diane     Unattached (IOM)
    Cummins, Roisin     Unattached (IOM)
    Cunliffe, Matilda     Schools
    Cunliffe, Sue     Unattached (IOM)
    Cunningham, Emma     Unattached (IOM)
    Cunningham, Gillian     Unattached (IOM)
    Cunningham, Gwen     Bexley AC
    Cunningham, K.     Unattached
    Cunningham, Marian     Unattached (IOM)
    Cunningham, Sarah     Unattached (IOM)
    Curley, Maeve     Overseas
    Curphey, Cheryl     Unattached (IOM)
    Curphey, Claire     Unattached (IOM)
    Curphey, Isla     Unattached (IOM)
    Curphey, Karen     Unattached (IOM)
    Curphey, Samantha     Unattached (IOM)
    Curphey, Tina     Unattached (IOM)
    Currall, Sophie     Schools
    Curran, Andrea     Unattached (IOM)
    Curran, Marie     Unattached (IOM)
    Currie, E.     Schools
    Curtis, Donna     Unattached (IOM)
    Curtis, Isobelle     Unattached
    Curtis, Lucy     Schools
    Curwen, Melanie     Unattached (IOM)
    Curwen, Sairah     Unattached (IOM)
    Cusdin, Jessica     Unattached
    Cushen, Bridget     Southern Counties Veterans AC
    Cushing, Natasha     Unattached (IOM)
    Cutsforth, Jo     Unattached (IOM)
    Cuyatt, Amber     Ashford AC
    Czaková, Mária     Overseas
    Czarnowski, Hannah     Tonbridge AC

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