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 Name  Club

    Mabam, A.     Unattached
    MacCuish, Mark     Unattached (IOM)
    MacDonald, Gary     Ashford AC
    MacDonald, Louis     Unattached (IOM)
    MacDonald, Matthew     Unattached (IOM)
    Macdonald, Neil     Unattached
    Mace, Dave     Birchfield Harriers
    Mace, Ed     Unattached
    MacFarlane, Ian     Unattached (IOM)
    Macgregor, Jim     Unattached (IOM)
    Macheath, Alex     Cambridge Harriers
    Machon, Dean     Unattached
    MacInnes, John     Southampton
    MacIsaac, Eden     Schools
    Mackay, Ali     Unattached
    Mackay, Fraser     Unattached (IOM)
    Mackellar, John     Unattached (IOM)
    Macken, Chris     Unattached (IOM)
    Mackenzie, John     Unattached
    Mackey, Dave     Manx Harriers
    MacKey, Josh     Unattached (IOM)
    Mackey, Lee     Manx Harriers
    Mackintosh, Cameron     Unattached (IOM)
    Mackintosh, Tony     Isle of Man VAC
    Maclaac, Edan     Schools
    MacLaren, Lester     Unattached (IOM)
    Macnair, Alan     Unattached (IOM)
    MacNeil, Calum     Unattached (IOM)
    Maddocks, Chris     Plymouth City Walkers
    Maddox, Ryan     Unattached (IOM)
    Maddrell, Brian     Unattached (IOM)
    Maddrell, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Maddrell, Dennis     Unattached (IOM)
    Maddrell, Jude     Unattached (IOM)
    Maden, Khalid     Bridgend AC
    Maffia, Peter     Eastern Veterans AC
    Magell, Alex     Unattached (IOM)
    Maggi, Emile     Overseas
    Mahalski, Robert     Unattached
    Mahoney, Kieran     Unattached (IOM)
    Mahood, Mark     Unattached (IOM)
    Mahzei Ziad, Mkubwa     Unattached (IOM)
    Maidment, Paul     North Down AC
    Maidment, Paul     Other Clubs
    Maidment, Stuart     Steyning AC
    Maier, Alexander     Overseas
    Main, Stewart     Unattached (IOM)
    Makin, Dan     Unattached (IOM)
    Makin, Jonathan     Unattached (IOM)
    Malan, Daniel Jacobus     Unattached (IOM)
    Malarkey, Bill     Unattached (IOM)
    Malik, E.     Unattached
    Mallinson, Richard     Police Sports UK
    Mallon, Christopher     Unattached (IOM)
    Malone, Martin     Unattached (IOM)
    Malone, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    Malone, Terence     Unattached (IOM)
    Malone, Tony     Lancashire WC
    Maloney, Alan     Unattached
    Malzer, Alex     Serpentine RC
    Manby, Stefan     Cardiff AC
    Manders, G.     Royal Mail
    Maney, Matthew     Unattached (IOM)
    Mangat, J.     Schools
    Manion, D.     Schools
    Manley, Derek     Unattached (IOM)
    Mann, Alan     Welsh Masters AA
    Mann, Charlie     Unattached
    Mann, Chris     Unattached (IOM)
    Mann, James     Unattached
    Manning, David     Birchfield Harriers
    Manning, Gordon     Radley AC
    Mansell, L.     Schools
    Mansell, Tom     Unattached (IOM)
    Manton, Ian     Unattached (IOM)
    Manu, Tyreece     Schools
    Manze, Lee     Cambridge Harriers
    Maple, Matt     Ilford AC
    Mapp, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Marais, Johann     Unattached (IOM)
    Marchbank, Brian     Unattached (IOM)
    Marchment, Peter     Unattached (IOM)
    Marczak, Aren     Schools
    Margrave, Patrick     Unattached (IOM)
    Markham, Peter     Leicester WC
    Markowicz, Daniel     Overseas
    Marks, Daniel     Bexley AC
    Marks, Jacob     Bexley AC
    Marley, S.     Schools
    Marlow, Paul     Kettering Town Harriers
    Marriott, J.     Schools
    Marriott, K.     Ryston Runners
    Marriott, Sam     Boys Brigade
    Marriott, Stephen     Boys Brigade
    Marsden, Ron     Lancashire WC
    Marsden, Stuart     Lancashire WC
    Marsh, Andy     Unattached (IOM)
    Marsh, Darren     Unattached (IOM)
    Marsh, Jamie     Sarnia WC
    Marsh, Laurence     Unattached (IOM)
    Marsh, Reid     Other Clubs
    Marshal, Harvey     Schools
    Marshall, Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    Marshall, Edward     Unattached (IOM)
    Marshall, Ian     Unattached (IOM)
    Marshall, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Marshall, John     Worcester AC
    Marshall, Kevin     Ilford AC
    Marshall, Mike     Unattached (IOM)
    Marshall, Phil     Unattached (IOM)
    Marshall, Steve     Unattached (IOM)
    Marshall, Stuart Ian     Unattached (IOM)
    Márta, Tibor     Overseas
    Martin, A.     Schools
    Martin, Alfie     Schools - Blaby Stokes
    Martin, Alvaro     Overseas
    Martin, Callum     Schools
    Martin, Chris     Unattached (IOM)
    Martin, Clive     Unattached (IOM)
    Martin, Dale     Hastings AC
    Martin, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Martin, Dean     Unattached (IOM)
    Martin, Ean     Unattached (IOM)
    Martin, Jake     Schools
    Martin, John     Unattached (IOM)
    Martin, Kevin Leslie     Unattached (IOM)
    Martin, Malcolm     Paddock Wood AC
    Martin, Neil     Peterborough AC
    Martin, O.     Schools
    Martin, Orry     Unattached (IOM)
    Martin, Ralph     Manx Harriers
    Martin, Samuel     Swansea Harriers
    Martin, Sheridan     Unattached
    Martin, Simon     Unattached (IOM)
    Martin, Steven     Unattached (IOM)
    Martin, Timothy     Unattached (IOM)
    Martin, W.     Schools
    Martin, Wayne     Hastings AC
    Martindale, Sean     York CIU RWC
    Martineau, Andy     Unattached (IOM)
    Martineau, Harold     Unattached
    Martinez, Cesar Lozano     Hyde Park Harriers
    Martinez, Luis Manuel     Overseas
    Martins, Diogo     Overseas
    Martins, Pedro     Overseas
    Maschuff, Rolaf     Overseas
    Maskell, Dan     Surrey WC
    Mason, Dave     Unattached (IOM)
    Mason, David     Belgrave Harriers
    Mason, Peter     Tonbridge AC
    Mason, Simon     Unattached (IOM)
    Mason, Stuart     Unattached (IOM)
    Massey, Joshua     Unattached
    Massey, P.     Unattached
    Masterman, Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    Masterson, Josh     Unattached (IOM)
    Masuka, A.     Schools
    Matcham, Alan     Unattached (IOM)
    Mathers, J.     Schools
    Mathieson, Curtis     Schools
    Matkin, Pete     Nuneaton Harriers
    Matthews, C. A.     Unattached
    Matthews, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Matthews, John     Unattached (IOM)
    Matthews, Sean     Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
    Matthews, Stephen     Unattached
    Matthews MBE, Ken     Royal Sutton Coldfield AC
    Maxwell, Bill     Lancashire WC
    Maxwell, Dick     Lancashire WC
    Maxwell, Thomas     Unattached (IOM)
    Maxwell, Tom     Unattached (IOM)
    May, Gerard     Unattached (IOM)
    May, John     London Vidarians
    May, Jon     Enfield & Haringey AC
    May, Michael     Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers
    May, S.     Unattached
    Mayers, Jamie     Unattached (IOM)
    Mayers, Lee     Unattached (IOM)
    Mayhew, Bynley     Western AC
    Mayle, Shaun     Unattached (IOM)
    Maynard, Andrew     Serpentine RC
    Maynard, Graham     Cambridge Harriers
    Maynard, Thomas     Schools
    Mayne, Chris     Unattached (IOM)
    Mayson, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    Mazille, Pierre     Overseas
    Mazzone, Alistair     Northern AC
    Mazzone, Davide     Unattached (IOM)
    Mazzone, Dino     Unattached (IOM)
    Mbaaicanyi, Frank     Unattached (IOM)
    Mc Causland, William     Other Clubs
    Mc Davitt, C.     City of Derry AC
    McAleer, Richard     Unattached (IOM)
    McAreavy, Dermot     Unattached (IOM)
    McAree, Damien     Overseas
    McAuley, Gary     Unattached (IOM)
    McAvoy, Brian     Unattached (IOM)
    McCabe, Owen     North Belfast Harriers
    McCafferty, Patrick     Unattached
    McCafferty, Steve     Unattached (IOM)
    McCallum, David     Unattached (IOM)
    McCallum, Mark     Unattached (IOM)
    McCann, Robert     Unattached (IOM)
    McCann, Simon     Unattached (IOM)
    McCarrick, Michael     Unattached (IOM)
    McCarthy, Gene     Unattached (IOM)
    McCarthy, Kirk     Unattached (IOM)
    Mccarty, Christian     Unattached (IOM)
    McCaughan, Conor     Unattached (IOM)
    McChesney, Richard     Other Clubs
    McClafferty, John     Unattached (IOM)
    McClelland, Sam     Nuneaton Harriers
    McClenaghan, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    McCombie, Ian     Cambridge Harriers
    McConkey, Carl     Unattached (IOM)
    McConnell, Stuart Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    McCormack, Aidan     Overseas
    McCormack, G.     Unattached
    McCormack , John     Yorkshire RWC
    McCormick, B.     Unattached
    McCormick, Brett     Unattached (IOM)
    McCoubrey, Billy     Unattached (IOM)
    McCready, Jimmy     Unattached
    McCubbin, Jeff     Unattached (IOM)
    McCullagh, Philip     Lancashire WC
    McCulloch, Alan     Unattached (IOM)
    McCune, Jason     Unattached (IOM)
    McCunnie, B.     Royal Mail - Mount Pleasant
    McCutcheon, Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    McCutcheon, Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    McCutcheon, David     Unattached (IOM)
    McDermott, Terry     Unattached (IOM)
    McDonagh, John     Unattached
    McDonald, A.     Schools
    McDonnell, Jim     Unattached (IOM)
    McDowell, Alex     Cwmbran Harriers
    McDowell, Johnny     Unattached (IOM)
    McDowell, Stuart     Schools
    McElligott, Tim     Schools
    McElroy, Gary     Unattached (IOM)
    Mcelroy, Scott     Unattached (IOM)
    McEray, James     Swansea Harriers
    McEvoy, Peter     Unattached (IOM)
    McEwan, Fergus     Unattached (IOM)
    McEwan, L.     Schools
    McFadden, Bill     Scottish Veteran Harriers Club
    McFerran, Will     Schools
    McGarry, Richard     Unattached (IOM)
    McGarvey, Kevin     Unattached (IOM)
    McGee, Craig     Unattached (IOM)
    McGee, Eamon     Unattached (IOM)
    McGee, Mark Shredder     Unattached (IOM)
    McGovern, Brian     Unattached (IOM)
    Mcgovern, Declan     Unattached (IOM)
    McGowan, Nigel     Unattached (IOM)
    McGowen, L.     Schools
    Mcgrath, Austin Mark     Unattached (IOM)
    McGrath, M.     Trent Park RC
    Mcgrath, Mark     Unattached (IOM)
    McGrory, Christopher     Unattached (IOM)
    McGuinness, Brian     Unattached (IOM)
    McGuinness, Juan     Unattached (IOM)
    McHale, A.     Schools
    McHale, David     Unattached (IOM)
    McHale, H.     Schools
    McHale, Michael     Unattached (IOM)
    McHarrie, Dirk     Unattached (IOM)
    McIlpatrick, P.     City of Lisburn AC
    McIlvenney, A.     Schools
    McInerney, Adam     Overseas
    McIntosh, Ronnie     Dundee Hawkhill Harriers AC
    McKay, Dave     Unattached (IOM)
    McKay, Kevin     Unattached (IOM)
    McKellich, Daniel     Cardiff AC
    McKenna, Kevin     Unattached (IOM)
    McKenna, Peter     Unattached (IOM)
    McKenzie, Richard     Hillingdon AC
    McKeown, Daniel     Schools
    Mckeown, Luke     Unattached (IOM)
    McKernan, Chris     Unattached (IOM)
    McKevitt, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    McKewon, Daniel     Schools
    McKibbin, Norman     Unattached (IOM)
    McKibbin, Steve     Unattached (IOM)
    McKie, Alistair     Unattached
    McKinstry, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    McKnight, Hugh     Unattached (IOM)
    McKnight, James     Unattached (IOM)
    McKnight, Keith     Unattached (IOM)
    McKnight, Sid     Unattached (IOM)
    McLaren, James     Unattached (IOM)
    McLaughlin, D.     Schools
    McLean, Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    McLean, Roy     Unattached (IOM)
    Mclear, Gary     Unattached (IOM)
    Mcloughlin, Gordon     Unattached (IOM)
    McManamon, Cian     Overseas
    McManus, Alex     Schools
    McManus, R.     Schools
    McMeiken, Tony     Unattached (IOM)
    Mcmillan, G.     Schools
    McMullen, Neil     Unattached (IOM)
    McMullin, Sean     Spondon RWC
    McNally, Anthony     Unattached (IOM)
    McNally, Simon     Unattached (IOM)
    McNally, T.     Unattached
    Mcnamara, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    McNee, Jason     Unattached (IOM)
    McNeill, Harry     Schools
    McNeill, Jonathan     Unattached (IOM)
    Mcpherson, Michael     Unattached (IOM)
    McQuade, Graham     Unattached
    McQueen, Fraser     Unattached (IOM)
    McQuillan, Emmet     Unattached (IOM)
    McReech, J.     Schools
    McRobb, John     Schools
    McVeigh, Conor     Unattached (IOM)
    McVey, Geoff     Southern Counties Veterans AC
    Mdlalose, Selu     Unattached (IOM)
    Meader, Gareth     Unattached (IOM)
    Meah, Gerald     Cambridge & Coleridge AC
    Mealin, Darren     Unattached (IOM)
    Measures, Neil     Unattached (IOM)
    Measuria, Haresh     Unattached (IOM)
    Meban, Dave     Unattached (IOM)
    Meban, William     Unattached (IOM)
    Meddings, Malcolm     Unattached (IOM)
    Meechan, Ryan     Unattached (IOM)
    Meehan, John     Unattached (IOM)
    Meeuwsen, Sakkie     Unattached (IOM)
    Meharg, Kieran     Unattached (IOM)
    Mehmet, Ethan     Schools
    Meints, Jantinus     Overseas
    Mellor, Gordon     Unattached (IOM)
    Mellor, Simon     Unattached (IOM)
    Mellor, Wayne     Unattached (IOM)
    Mellors, A.     Schools
    Melly, Ciaran     Llanelli AC
    Melvin, Christopher     Unattached (IOM)
    Melvin, Craig     Unattached (IOM)
    Melvin, George     Northern AC
    Melvin, Michael     Unattached (IOM)
    Melvin, Thomas     Northern AC
    Mendel, Jeremy     Manx Harriers
    Mennen, Victor     Overseas
    Menzies, R.     Schools
    Mepham, Tony     Unattached (IOM)
    Mercer, Byron     Unattached (IOM)
    Mercer, Dollin     Unattached (IOM)
    Mercer, Jon     Unattached (IOM)
    Mercier, Gordon     Sarnia WC
    Mercier-Handisyde-Troletti, Pierre-Antoine     Tonbridge AC
    Meredith, A.     Unattached
    Meredith, Gareth     Unattached (IOM)
    Meredith, John     Unattached (IOM)
    Merrill, Gary     Unattached (IOM)
    Merritt, Sam     Unattached (IOM)
    Merry, Charlie     Schools - Blaby Stokes
    Merschenz, Karl-Heinz     Overseas
    Messenger, Alex     Unattached (IOM)
    Messenger, Henry     Unattached (IOM)
    Metcalfe, Danny     Unattached (IOM)
    Metodiev, Miro     Unattached (IOM)
    Meyer, Jonathan     Unattached (IOM)
    Meyer, Nols     Unattached (IOM)
    Meyer, Z.     Schools
    Miah, Zahed     Unattached (IOM)
    Michael, Costa     Barnet & District AC
    Michell, Roger     Surrey WC
    Micklefield, Alex     Unattached (IOM)
    Middleton, Harry     Ashford AC
    Middleton, Kevin     Unattached (IOM)
    Middleton, Nick     Unattached
    Middleton, Raymond     Belgrave Harriers
    Midgley, Craig     Unattached (IOM)
    Mikaelsson, John     Overseas
    Mikelionis, Vilius     Ilford AC
    Miles, Geoffrey     Unattached (IOM)
    Miles, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    Miles, Ross     Tonbridge AC
    Mill, Hamish     Schools
    Millbank, Andy     Herne Hill Harriers
    Miller, Andrew     Wolverhampton & Bilston AC
    Miller, Darren     Unattached (IOM)
    Miller, Joseph     Unattached (IOM)
    Miller, Peter     Unattached (IOM)
    Millicheap, Martin     Sparkhill Harriers
    Millington, J.     Midland Masters AC
    Mills, Alan     Wellingborough & District AC
    Mills, Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    Mills, Colin     Unattached (IOM)
    Mills, Fabian     Dacorum and Tring AC
    Mills, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Mills, Roger George     Unattached
    Millward, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Milnes, Chris     Ryston Runners
    Milsom, Doug     Hillingdon AC
    Mimna, Dylan     Unattached (IOM)
    Minay, Dave     Unattached (IOM)
    Minhas, Hardeep     Leicester WC
    Minshull, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Minstral, David Pueyo     Overseas
    Minta, Tony     Unattached (IOM)
    Miranda, Joseph     Unattached (IOM)
    Misson, Thomas     Unattached
    Mistry, K.     Schools
    Mitchell, Chris     Unattached (IOM)
    Mitchell, Craig     Unattached (IOM)
    Mitchell, Dave     Epsom & Ewell Harriers AC
    Mitchell, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Mitchell, George     Birchfield Harriers
    Mitchell, J.     Schools
    Mitchell, Keith     Civil Service
    Mitchell, Ken     Unattached (IOM)
    Mitchell, Robert     Schools
    Mitchell, Tim     Unattached (IOM)
    Mitchell, William     Unattached (IOM)
    Mitha, A.     Schools
    Mitha, L.     Schools
    Möckel, Max     Overseas
    Moffat, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Moffat, Sam     Unattached (IOM)
    Moffatt, Eric     Unattached (IOM)
    Moffatt, Jason     Unattached (IOM)
    Moffatt, Matt     Unattached (IOM)
    Moffatt, Terry     Unattached (IOM)
    Moffatt, Will     Unattached (IOM)
    Moffitt, Ian     Unattached (IOM)
    Mohammad, A.     Schools
    Moitas, Victor     Unattached (IOM)
    Mole, Rob     Bromsgrove & Redditch AC
    Moletsane, Karabo A. M.     Unattached (IOM)
    Molina, Juan Manuel     Overseas
    Molloy, Alex     Unattached (IOM)
    Molmy, Damien     Overseas
    Molyneux, Dave     Unattached (IOM)
    Molyneux, Juan     Unattached (IOM)
    Moneta, Joseph     Unattached (IOM)
    Monk, Chris     Leicester Coritanian AC
    Monk, Kevin     Halesowen AC
    Monkton, Mike     Unattached
    Moon, Chris     Unattached (IOM)
    Mooney, Joe     Overseas
    Moore, Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, Anthony     Blackheath & Bromley Harriers
    Moore, Barry     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, Brian     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, Christian     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, Colin     Isle of Man VAC
    Moore, Colin Stephen     Isle of Man VAC
    Moore, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, Ian     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, Jason     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, Josh     Schools
    Moore, Juan     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, Kevin     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, Martin     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, Richard     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, Robert     Manx Harriers
    Moore, Rudi     City of Derry AC
    Moore, Shaun     Western AC
    Moore, Simon     Unattached (IOM)
    Moore, T.     Schools
    Moore, Terry     Unattached (IOM)
    Moorhouse, Peter     Unattached (IOM)
    Moran, Michael     Overseas
    Moran, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    Mordaunt, Chris     Unattached (IOM)
    More, J.     Schools
    Moreno, M.     Serpentine RC
    Moreno, Rodrigo     Overseas
    Moreno, Xavier     Overseas
    Moreton, Daniel     Unattached (IOM)
    Moretta, Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    Morfett, Tom     Unattached (IOM)
    Morgan, Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    Morgan, Craig     Unattached (IOM)
    Morgan, Dan     Essex Police AC
    Morgan, Dean     Unattached (IOM)
    Morgan, Keith     Witney Road Runners
    Morgan, Mike     Burnham Joggers
    Morgan, Neil     Unattached (IOM)
    Morgan, Paul     York CIU RWC
    Morgan, Simon     Royal Mail - Mount Pleasant
    Morgans, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    Morioka, Koichiro     Overseas
    Morley, Clodagh     Overseas
    Morley, Gerard     Unattached (IOM)
    Moroney, M.     Schools
    Moroney, Mark     Unattached (IOM)
    Morozov, Sergey     Overseas
    Morphet, Colin     Unattached (IOM)
    Morrell, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    Morris, Bob     Unattached
    Morris, Charles     Unattached
    Morris, Gareth     Unattached (IOM)
    Morris, Lee     Unattached (IOM)
    Morris, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    Morris, Peter     Other Clubs
    Morris, Peter     Dacorum and Tring AC
    Morris, Philip     Unattached (IOM)
    Morris, Terry     Nuneaton Harriers
    Morris, Tom     Hercules Wimbledon
    Morrison, Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    Morrison, Jim     Marshall Milton Keynes
    Morrison, Neil     Unattached (IOM)
    Morrow, Ian     Unattached (IOM)
    Morshead, Christopher     Jersey Spartan AC
    Morsley, John     Unattached (IOM)
    Morsy, Amr     Unattached (IOM)
    Morton, Bill     Unattached (IOM)
    Morton, C.     Southern Counties Veterans AC
    Morton, Chris     Unattached (IOM)
    Morton, Ellis     Steyning AC
    Morton, Les     City of Sheffield AC
    Morton, Nicholas     Unattached (IOM)
    Morton, R.     Unattached
    Mosig, Kersten     Unattached (IOM)
    Moss, Aaron     Unattached (IOM)
    Moss, Alfie     Schools
    Moss, B.     Schools
    Moss, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Moss, Rousseau     Unattached (IOM)
    Mostyn, J.     Other Clubs
    Motley, David     Schools
    Mott, Phil     Unattached (IOM)
    Moule, Ryan     Unattached
    Moule, Tom     Unattached
    Moulinet, Bertrand     Overseas
    Moullin, John     Unattached
    Mountford, Elliott     Unattached
    Mowle, Ben     Unattached (IOM)
    Moxon, Christopher     Tamworth AC
    Moyer, Brian     Unattached (IOM)
    Moyer, Peter     Unattached (IOM)
    Muggleton, Alex     Boys Brigade
    Muggleton, Harry     Schools - Blaby Stokes
    Muir, Andrew     Unattached (IOM)
    Muir, Jordan     Tonbridge AC
    Muir, Joseph     Tonbridge AC
    Muldhoon, Peter     Overseas
    Muldoon, Paul     Overseas
    Mules, Bernard     Peterborough AC
    Mulhern, Andy     Unattached (IOM)
    Mullan, Stuart     Unattached (IOM)
    Muller, Mark     Unattached (IOM)
    Mumford, Paul     Unattached (IOM)
    Munday, Callum     Schools - Blaby Stokes
    Mundell, Marc     Overseas
    Mundell, Trevor     Unattached (IOM)
    Mundy, Steve     Unattached (IOM)
    Munn, James     Lancashire WC
    Munoz-Torrero, Jose     Overseas
    Munro, Ian     Unattached (IOM)
    Munroe, Bruce     Schools
    Munroe, L.     Schools
    Munteanu, Gheorghe     Overseas
    Muntzer, William     Royal Mail
    Murat, David     Unattached (IOM)
    Murcroft, Ewan     Schools
    Murden, Russ     Unattached
    Murfitt, Alex     Schools
    Murfitt, Josh     Schools
    Murphy, Ben     Medway & Maidstone AC
    Murphy, Charlie     Unattached (IOM)
    Murphy, Chris     Unattached (IOM)
    Murphy, Darren     Unattached (IOM)
    Murphy, Declan     Unattached
    Murphy, Dominic     Unattached (IOM)
    Murphy, Jack     Unattached (IOM)
    Murphy, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Murphy, Josh     Unattached
    Murphy, Lee     Unattached (IOM)
    Murphy, Liam     Overseas
    Murphy, Martyn     Unattached (IOM)
    Murphy, Patrick     Overseas
    Murphy, Paul     Overseas
    Murphy, Paul     Overseas
    Murphy, Sean     Unattached (IOM)
    Murphy, Tim     Unattached (IOM)
    Murray, Andy     Unattached (IOM)
    Murray, Bill     Lancashire Police
    Murray, Brett     Unattached
    Murray, Conrad     Unattached
    Murray, Seamus     Unattached (IOM)
    Murray, Victor     Lancashire WC
    Murtagh, John     Unattached (IOM)
    Musker, Lenny     Unattached (IOM)
    Mustain, Matthew     Unattached (IOM)
    Mutor, D.     Unattached
    Myers, Dennis     Charnwood AC
    Myers, Derek     Unattached (IOM)
    Myers, Z.     Schools
    Mylchreest, James     Unattached (IOM)
    Mylchreest, Matthew     Unattached (IOM)
    Mylchreest, Robert     Unattached (IOM)
    Mylchreest, Stephen     Unattached (IOM)
    Myles, Raymond     Unattached (IOM)
    Mylrea, James     Unattached (IOM)

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