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August 2006

 Tamworth, Staffordshire 
  28th     1km   Tamworth AC Annual Games  
      2km   Tamworth AC Annual Games  

 Hildesheim, GERMANY 
  27th     10km   Internationaler Gehercup  
      5km   Internationaler Gehercup  

 Sport City, Manchester 
      3km   UK Challenge Final - Invitation Walk  

 Enfield, Middlesex 
  26th     1 mile   Enfield League  
      10km   Enfield League  
      15km   Enfield League  
      20km   Enfield League  
      5km   Enfield League  

      3km   u15/u20 SEAA Inter-Counties  

 Edgewater, AUSTRALIA 
  20th     5km   Race Walk  

 Quayside, Guernsey 
      10km   Sarnia WC Road Walk  
      5km   Sarnia WC Road Walk  

 Saltburn, Cleveland 
      10km   Saltburn Victorian Races  
      2 mile   Saltburn Victorian Races  
      5km   Saltburn Victorian Races  

      10km   Road Walk  

 Douglas, Isle of Man 
  19th     20 mile   Bradford & Bingley Starlight Stroll  
      100 mile   British Centurion 100 Mile Walk  
      24 hour   National Long Distance Championships  

 Foxdale, Isle of Man 
  17th     6 mile   Foxdale Hill Walk  

 Stanley Park, Blackpool, Lancashire 
  16th     3km   Civil Service Athletics Championships Track Walk  

 Battersea Park, London 
  15th     5 mile   Veterans AC  

 Peel, Isle of Man 
  14th     1 mile   Road Walking Championships  
      5km   Road Walking Championships  

 Bedford Stadium 
  13th     5km   SEAA Championships  

 K2 Leisure Centre, Crawley, Sussex 
      3km   South Eatern Inter-Counties  

 Moorways Stadium, Derby 
      3km   Under 23 Home International T&F Match  

      20km   Western Australian State Championship  

 Battersea, London 
  12th     3km   London Inter-Club Challenge - Meeting 4  

 Chorley, Lancashire 
      10km   Chorley Track Walk  

 Warwick University, Coventry, West Midlands 
      10km   M.C.A.A./M.A.R.W. 10km Championships  
      30km   M.C.A.A./M.A.R.W. 30km Championships  

  9th     2km   Midland Veterans League - East Division  

      2km   Midland Veterans League - North Division  

 Tipton, West Midlands 
      2km   Midland Veterans League - South Division  

 Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, West Midlands 
  6th     3km   AAA u15 Championships  
      5km   AAA u17 Championships  

 Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey 
      1 mile   Sarnia WC Championship Six  

 Enfield, Middlesex 
  5th     2 mile   Enfield League  
      5 mile   Enfield League  

  3rd     1 mile   EVAC League - South West  

 Millhouses Park, Sheffield, Yorkshire 
      1km   6th Summer Handicap  
      2km   6th Summer Handicap  
      3km   6th Summer Handicap  
      5km   6th Summer Handicap  

 Montreal, CANADA 
      5km   1st World Outgames  

 NSC, Douglas, Isle of Man 
      1km   Summer Track Walk 2  
      2.2km   Summer Track Walk 2  
      3km   Summer Track Walk 2  
      5km   Summer Track Walk 2  

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