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November 2007

  25th     10km   3rd Northern Winter League  
      5km   3rd Northern Winter League  

      10km   3rd Midlands Winter League  
      5km   3rd Midlands Winter League  
      1km   3rd Midlands Winter League (u11)  
      2km   3rd Midlands Winter League (u13)  
      3km   3rd Midlands Winter League (u15)  

 Rochester, Kent 
  24th     2km   Medway & Maidstone Championships  
      1km   Medway & Maidstone Development Race  

      7 mile   Belgrave 7  

      5 mile   Wolverton 5  

 Andreas, Isle of Man 
  18th     10km   HSBC Winter League - Round 2  
      2km   HSBC Winter League - Round 2  
      3km   HSBC Winter League - Round 2  
      5km   HSBC Winter League - Round 2  

      9km   319th LPR Yacht Handicap Final  

      10km   Brooks Brighton 10km race  

 Lee Valley Stadium, London 
  17th     1 hour   One hour Badge Race  

  13th     10km   Fortune Cup  

      2km   Chris Smith League - Round 2  

 Osmond Priaulx, Guernsey 
  11th     5km   Bob Wright Handicap Series - Race 3  

  10th     10km   2nd Midlands Winter League  
      5km   2nd Midlands Winter League  
      1km   2nd Midlands Winter League - u11  
      2km   2nd Midlands Winter League - u13  
      3km   2nd Midlands Winter League - u15  

 Q.E. Stadium, Enfield 
      7 mile   81st Enfield Open Seven  

  5th     10km   2nd Northern Winter League  
      4km   2nd Northern Winter League  

 Athens, GREECE 
  4th     30km   25th Athens Classic Marathon (interim)  
      Marathon   25th Athens Classic Marathon/1st Power Walking Marathon  

 Isle of Man 
      Half Marathon   Syd Quirk Memorial Half Marathon Walk  

  3rd     7 mile   Topham Cup  

 Monks Hill, Surrey 
      2km   Alec Potton Memorial  
      5km   Alec Potton Memorial  
      7 mile   Alec Potton Memorial  

 Simister, Lancashire 
      5km   Lancashire WC 100 Year Centenary Race  

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