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May 2008

  31st     2km   Irish Schools  

      1 hour   SRWA 1 Hour Track Walk  
      10 minutes   SRWA Supporting Track Races  
      20 minutes   SRWA Supporting Track Races  
      30 minutes   SRWA Supporting Track Races  

 Battersea, London 
  27th     5 mile   VAC 5 miles  

  26th     3km   UKCAU Inter-Counties Championships  

 Bradford > Ilkley 
      14 mile   106th Bradford Whit Walk  

  25th     12 mile   Great Scottish Walk  

      10km   BMAF Track Championships  

  24th     3km   Surrey County Veterans T&F Championships  

  23rd     Half marathon   Plymouth Half Marathon  

  22nd     600 metres   Sheffield Primary Schools District B  

 TT Access, Isle of Man 
      2km   Manx Open Walks  
      3km   Manx Open Walks  
      5km   Manx Open Walks  

 Alexander Stadium, Birmingham 
  21st     3km   4th Roys Relays Memorial  

  20th     2km   Hewitt Cup - Round 2  

      600 metres   Sheffield Primary Schools District A  

 Horspath, Oxford 
  19th     2km   Southern Veterans League (West)  

  18th     10km   Midland Track Championships - Senior Men  
      5km   Midland Track Championships - Senior Women  
      1km   Midland Track Championships - U11 Development  
      2km   Midland Track Championships - U13  
      3km   Midland Track Championships - U15  
      3km   Midland Track Championships - U17  
      5km   Midland Track Championships - U20  

 Q.E. Stadium, London 
  17th     5 mile   Enfield League - Race 5  

 Les Amarreurs, Guernsey 
  16th     5km   Sarnia WC "Yorkshire Guernsey" Championship 3  
      2km   Sarnia WC Fitness Walk  

      1km   2nd Summer Handicap  

 Alexander Stadium, Birmingham 
  14th     2km   Midland Vets League (South)  

      10km   Godiva "Bank Holiday Breakfast" Open  

      1km   Sheffield Secondary Schools Championships  

 Abbey Park, Leicester 
  12th     3km   Boys Brigade Road Walks - Company Section  
      2km   Boys Brigade Road Walks - Junior Section  
      5km   Boys Brigade Road Walks - Senior Section  

 Battersea Park, London 
      2km   SCVAC T&F League (Mid-London Division)  

 Picketts Lock 
      2km   SCVAC T&F League  

 Andreas, Isle of Man 
  11th     1 mile   Manx Championships  
      2 circuits?   Manx Championships  
      20km   Manx Championships  
      5km   Manx Championships  

      3km   Kent T&F Championships  

 Basildon, Essex 
      2km   Essex T&F Championships  
      3km   Essex T&F Championships  

 Cheboksary, RUSSIA 
      50km   IAAF 23rd World Cup of Race Walking - Senior Men  
      20km   IAAF 23rd World Cup of Race Walking - Senior Women  

 Don Valley, Sheffield 
      3km   Yorkshire T&F Championships  

 Halstead, Essex 
      Half Marathon   Halstead & Essex Half Marathon  

      2km   Three Counties T&F Championships  
      3km   Three Counties T&F Championships  

 Cheboksary, RUSSIA 
  10th     10km   IAAF 23rd World Cup of Race Walking - Junior Men  

 Copthall Stadium, Barnet 
      3km   Middlesex T&F Championships  

      2.5km   Sussex T&F Championships  
      2km   Sussex T&F Championships  
      3km   Sussex T&F Championships  

 Macclesfield, Cheshire 
      10km   Macclesfield Shield  
      20km   Macclesfield Shield  

      2km   Hampshire T&F Championships  
      3km   Hampshire T&F Championships  

  7th     2km   EVAC League  
      2km   EVAC League  

      2km   Sussex Vets League  

      2km   Midland Vets League (East)  

      2km   EVAC League  

      2km   Midland Vets League (North)  

 Pednor, Buckinghamshire 
  5th     2 mile   Pednor Road Walks  
      5 mile   Pednor Road Walks / Buckinghamshire Championships  

      3km   Herts Track Championships  

 Kings Lynn 
  4th     10km   Great East Anglian Run  

 Les Amarreurs, Guernsey 
      3km   Graham Mann Team Trophy  

 Prodrive Test Circuit, Coventry 
      10km   Godiva "Lord Leofric" Open  

 Victoria Park, London 
      1km   National YAG Championships (u11)  
      2km   National YAG Championships (u13)  
      3km   National YAG Championships (u15)  
      5km   National YAG Championships (u17)  
      5km   YAG - Open Race  
      3km   YAG - Open Veterans Race  

  3rd     10km   Godiva "Black Prince" Open  

 Dijon, FRANCE 
      200km   200km de Dijon  

  2nd     4.2km   Godiva "Peeping Tom" Time Trial  

 Hoo, Rochester, Kent 
      2km   SCVAC League - Kent Division  

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